Who are we ?

Magic Crumpet started as a result of a spare time project by Jamie Healey & Luke Avery called 5 A Side Legends. As development progressed we decided to form a company to release the game and provide a brand to release future games under.


Our philosophy is very goal oriented, allowing us to reach our milestones and get products over the line, in minimal time. We achieve this by being extremely flexible and extremely ruthless. A great idea is only a great idea if it can be achieved. We take our ideas and strip them down to their core. We focus on minimalism and simplicity, to get to a true MVP as quick as possible, thereafter we can expand the idea to it's original full potential.

Why Magic Crumpet?

We love crumpets, and eat them for lunch a lot. Lunch time is when we do our development so it was a perfect match really.

Future plans

We intend to release more games and build a reputation as quality indy game developers.